Michael Philip Atkins Nagoya

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      1. I love that castle setting, very majestic.

        I love your blog because it makes me travel the world and appreciate various cultures and daily scenes without leaving the house. I like Japan, its language and traditional culture–esp. the kimono and the tatami mat!–but never been there (or any country). I’ve heard of Nagoya, and now I think, if I’d get the chance, I’d visit this exciting one in the photograph!


  1. It’s actually one of my dreams, but since I can’t at this time, I just study their language (I’ve studied German and Mandarin, too, thinking I could find work there but changed my mind, though I love these languages too) and hope to have the chance to use it.

    Traveling the world is something I’d love to do, but only someday. My current situation in the Philippines does not have any room for any of my dreams. Yet. I hope so.


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